About April

Hi! I am April and this journey to better health began for me back in 2010. I was 325 lbs., depressed, a food addict and my rock bottom came when I found out I had stomach cancer. I had been over weight my entire life and would tell myself I needed to change but this was for sure the wake-up call that I needed. I began to address my issues and through a self-directed program based on self-love and effective habit change I have regained my life…well, one that I want to live! By no means has this been an easy road but it has been well worth it! I am down 145 lbs. and am now ready to help others who struggle with the issues of excess weight, depression, food addiction and low self-esteem. I am now a certified health coach and personal trainer. I am ready to help you be the most authentic and best version of yourself!

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